Poemas de Amor.Versos y Poemas de Amor.Poema Romantico.Corazon de Merlys Corpas

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Spanish to English is not perfect

Heart ………. fascinate you
You’re trying to run and just litter,
are you going groping like a blind man
seeking light and do not know your glory,
Your heart you love and not loved,
it wanders without someone, today you listen,
you cry your pain and nobody will miss you.
Your heart …….. you consume,
between memories that hurt you,
that takes away the calm
satisfy you, kill you,
qque endure the suffering.
Your heart you’re brave and you are a coward,
you remind them that even among all its oversights,
Your Heart .. ……. you’re so mine
you give me life, it gives me hope
that I die for? If you still feel your heart beat,
Why, I’m dying for your love,
If your heart is not mine!