The Zombies – Time Of The Season (1969) HQ

1969 is a year I have not featured much of late, at least regarding Top 40 hits, and I don’t know why as it was probably one of my favorite 60’s years. The last music videos I did of HIT SONGS from 1969 was “This Magic Moment” by Jay & The Americans and “My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder. All the more curious this choice as technically, it and the album it appeared on, were actually recorded in 1967. Highly confused was I at age 15 when “Time Of The Season” by The Zombies became a major hit here in the United States and I purchased the LP, Odessey And Oracle. The year stamped on the album, 1967, I took to be a misprint. How surprising to discover this gem among record albums, one of the most perfect non-Beatles albums ever made, was a sleeper and actually released in the UK in early 1968. It was not often at that time for a nearly two-year-old song to climb to #1 on Top 40 radio (#1 on Cash Box, #3 on Billboard, March 29, 1969). But that was not the only quirky thing about UK albums: most of the Beatles’ songs were out of sequence, missing, or on the wrong albums when released in the US by Capitol Records.

So, from our perspective here in America, “Time Of The Season” was a 1969 song … which is why that is the year I have next to the title. As far as Zombies songs go, this one really lived up to their image. The jungle voodoo beat was absolutely perfect for a song by a group called The Zombies. And images of drums, tropical settings at night, dancing around a fire, voluptuous women, full moons, and the like were hardwired right into my brain whenever I heard this most cool song. It is little wonder, then, the kind of film footages I used for this music video of “Time Of The Season.” It is well-choreographed and I hope you enjoy it.